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Blocked Drains

Natalie and Jason were woken up by the jackhammering of the neighbours property again this morning. Even though they were well aware of the renovations that were taking place the noise…

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Plumber Mascot Emergency Plumbing

Emergency Plumbing

During the past few weeks Mala was getting excited because for the first time she was going to have a big party with some of her friends. She missed her relatives in India…

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Plumber Mascot Hot Water

Hot Water

Sarah and Daniel found that the house they were living in with their two teenage boys seemed to be getting smaller! The boys were growing up and so was their demand for…

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Plumber Mascot Pipe Relining

Pipe Relining

Damaged storm water lines can usually be repaired within one day rather than using the traditional dig-up and replace method.Talk to your local Plumber Mascot to…

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Facts you should know about Mascot

Plumber MascotMascot is located to the north of famous Botany Bay where Captain James Cook’s first landing of HMS Endeavour on the continent of Australia took place on 29 April 1770. Today many travellers, holiday makers and new residents arrive in Australia for the first time at Sydney’s International Airport in Mascot!

Mascot was chosen as the site of a public airfield in 1920 with the first flights beginning in 1924. During 1947-52, Cooks River was diverted away from the area to provide more land for the airport. Today the two runways of Sydney Airport extend into the bay. Botany Bay National Park is located on the northern and southern headlands of the bay.

Living in an established area like Mascot you may notice a reduction in water pressure it could be due to galvanised steel pipes being used in the construction of most early Australian homes. Although galvanised steel is durable, as water pipes it has a limited lifespan. The pipes can rust internally when the zinc coating breaks down which may cause reduced water pressure or blocked lines. These pipes can be renewed in PVC giving you clean flowing water again.

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Cleaning, relining, repair or replacement of sewer lines
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Running toilet? We can repair or totally old or faulty toilets
Wide range of gas services, including the installation and repair of gas lines
Repairing or re-running various leaking water or sewerage pipes
Preform Hot Water System maintenance, repairs or replacement

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What They Say About Plumber Mascot

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"I did not expect the amount of work that had to happen to the hot water system but Ben was able to explain the reason why and how it would benefit me in the long run. I will definitely use them again."
"I did not expect the amount of work that had to happen to the hot water system but Ben was able to explain the reason why and how it would benefit me in the long run. I will definitely use them again."

"Answered all questions asked, and explained everything well. Will definitely use again."
"Answered all questions asked, and explained everything well. Will definitely use again."

"Shane was a most obliging and courteous young man who did his job very well and thank you!"

"Shane was a most obliging and courteous young man who did his job very well and thank you!"
Plumber Mascot
Plumber Mascot

Plumber Mascot making life easy.

Kate lived in a neat 2 bedroom apartment close to the airport for several years now. One morning she went to get a new garbage bag out from underneath the kitchen sink when she realised it was quite wet and thought the sink was leaking. She moved around a few bottles of cleaning products and found the water was leaking from the mini stop taps under the kitchen sink.

She had trusted and used her local neighbourhood plumber a few times in the past and knew that he would do the right thing by her. She was an airline crewmember due to fly out tonight so she could not have any time off work. She was lucky she had an elderly neighbour who was home most of the time so she could leave her key so the plumber could let himself in. She phoned Plumber Mascot and arranged for him to come that afternoon. She advised him that the key would be left with Betty in the unit next door and gave him Betty’s number.

The plumber arrived and Betty gave him Kate’s key. He had a look at the mini stop taps and found them to be leaking quite profusely. The plumber shut the water off to the unit and removed the old mini stop taps. He then installed the new ones and tested. He also found a leak on the kitchen sink drain so he repaired the connection.

Knowing Kate would be in the air, the plumber left all of Kate’s cleaning products neatly on the bench so the cupboard would dry out by the time Kate returned. He sent Kate a text to let her know that the job was all done and returned Kate’s key to Betty.

Kate was overjoyed at the fact she did not miss her flight her taps were fixed with no fuss. If you want a plumber that you can trust, give us a call today on 0402 290 290.