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Pipe Relining: An Environmental-Friendly Solution

pipe relining

Having your pipes repaired or replace could lead you to an intense headache due to the expenses that you would be facing. In addition to this, you would also be worrying on the damages that it could cause to your environment. Most methods of repairing pipes would result in situations like this. However, through the help of technology, there is a new way of repairing pipes that are cost-effective and is and environment-friendly pipe repair solution. This new sewer pipe rehabilitation is known as pipe relining. Let’s get to know why pipe relining is the best environment-friendly pipe repair solution.


Prevents massive landscape destruction to habitats

This mainly focuses on small towns or rural areas that are located near the wildlife surrounding that needs repairs in sewer pipes. The traditional way of repairing pipes is not quite advisable in the rural areas since it can’t just destroy landscape areas but it can also destroy the habitats which are occupied by the animals such as the trees and ground. In this advanced trenchless pipe rehabilitation, digging is not necessary so it cannot cause harm to the environment. You might be wondering how sewer pipes located underground repaired without even digging. There is a certain procedure which the contractors follow where digging is not necessary for the repair to be through.


Effective in consuming resources

The traditional pipe repair method requires the enormous usage of fuel and energy which are both necessary in the excavator that is powered by a diesel. In addition to this, the repair could last for several days which could be costly since it needs fuel and energy as the repair is going on. Pipe relining requires a few pieces of equipment. These pieces of equipment do not require much use of resources that are high-priced. In addition to this, the repair could only take up for a matter of hours or less than a day. A massive usage of water is only required once the sewer pipe needs to be repaired through the use of steam or hot water. Plumbing contractors use a water jetter in this process to completely get rid of debris or root intrusions in pipes. This process is done by simply splashing high-pressure water into the sewer pipe.


Free from Health Hazards

The repair or replacement of pipes would be most likely destructive to you and to the surrounding community. You probably would not let that happen since it is mainly on the health safety of the environment. As stated repeatedly, the traditional method of repairing pipes would require a lot of digging. In this situation, the public will be exposed to the unpleasant odour coming from the sewage waste which could be dangerous to their health. It is also hazardous to the health of the public once there are leakages in the sewer lines. Pipe relining would be a better option for repairing pipes rather than the traditional way since you don’t need to worry about the effect of the repair to you and to the public.