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How to Know If Your Sewer Pipes are Screaming for HELP!

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No matter how impressive the qualities your sewer pipes are, they will not remain in perfect condition and will eventually degrade as they age. It is a typical habit for most homeowners to stay passive with their sewer pipes unlike their eagle-eyed keenness when they spot problems involving their more visible plumbing fixtures like taps and toilets. Sometimes, they also dismiss the warning signs of dysfunctional sewers to plain drain line issues. Such half-baked awareness contributes to sewer line issues like clogs, pipe deterioration, and root infiltration. In order to avoid the frequent need for costly repairs and replacements, study the following signs that indicate how your sewer pipes need to be serviced.

  1. The pipes are too aged

Most homeowners do not monitor the years of service their pipes have made. They also tend to delay the replacement of aged pipes considering the hassle and expenses it entails. Little did they realise that such negligence can cause the old pipes to cause disruptions in the long run. They will not only hamper the efficient running of the sewer system, they also drastically cause overflow, clogs, and even the unsightly and atrocious sewage backups.

It should be a cardinal rule for residents of old houses to have their pipes inspected and surveyed by professionals. You see, there is a strong possibility that the pipes installed underground are made of galvanised steel, clay, or cast iron. These common pipe materials commonly used in the past, up until today, are vulnerable to notorious damage-inducing agents. Metallic pipes are prone to corrosion and clay pipe, on the other hand, are most susceptible to tree root infiltration due to their porous structure. Moreover, aged pipes are defenceless to caustic factors and get easily blocked regardless of weekly maintenance.

  1. The pipeline has concurrent leakages.

A sewer line afflicted with leaks can present obvious symptoms like the dampness of supposedly dry places, an escalated rise of visible pests such as rodents, sewer flies, and cockroaches, and the appalling sewage stench.

In order to verify your suspicions, hire plumbing services that can perform pipe camera surveillance. Influenced by the severity of the damage, the specialist will either recommend the repairing or replacement of your pipelines.

The modern technology allows you to have sectional repairs for your pipes. Through the trenchless rehabilitation or replacement processes, you will minimise your costs since you do not have to purchase new pipes. Not to mention how you do not have to pay for the huge restorative work open-cut methods entail. Make sure to hire reputable, licensed, and well-equipped plumbing services so that you will have an accurate surveillance analysis and top-notch solutions..

  1. Presence of Lead and Other Toxic Properties

In the former times, using lead due to its serviceability of a hundred years. This sounded clever and practical way back in the good old days, but the advanced research of modern science concluded how fatal lead can be. If you live in a vintage home where you are uncertain of its plumbing history, try to have your pipes inspected for lead components.

There are also some plastic pipes which have traces of harmful compounds so make sure that your pipes are certified as safe. Make sure they do not leach toxic substances in your water supply and in the surrounding environment.