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Avoid Colossal Sewer Line Clogs in 3 Foolproof Steps

Plumbermascot Sewer Line Clogs

A sewer line faces cumbersome problems due to harmful plumbing misuse. The extensive side effects of indiscriminate flushing coupled with lack of pipe maintenance often lead to colossal clogs that are hard to conquer over time. Such large-scale blockages may require you to hire professional plumbing services so as to get a permanent and effective solution for your sewer lines. To avoid the maximum disruption, not to mention the budget-busting repairs of these sewer problems, check these prevention tips on how to avoid sewer clogs below:

1. Avoid indiscriminate drainage disposal

Some homeowners are indiscriminate when it comes to using their kitchen, toilet, and bathroom drains. They usually dispose random items down the drain without thinking if they put their plumbing lines to risk.

Kitchen drains with garbage disposals commonly malfunction due to the amount of objects flushed into it. Not to mention the blockages that affect not only the unit but the sewer lines as well due to the congealed grease and other residues that are carelessly flushed down. There are some people who do not seem to mind the food groups that should be blacklisted in the garbage disposal. Fibrous and starchy foods like fruit rinds and peels, rice, pasta, and other substantial food pieces should not be placed in the unit. Moreover, even if the garbage disposals are designed to cut down various food pieces, it may be prone to jamming and getting stuck if it has to handle large amounts of food all the time.

Aside from kitchen drains, toilet bowls are conveniently used by some people as garbage cans. They leniently flush down assorted items like sanitary wear, hair ties, soap, and condoms, expecting them to disintegrate over time in the sewer lines. On the contrary, these objects may swell when immersed in water and they also tangle within the pipes causing major blockages in the sewer lines.

Essentially, homeowners should not be complacent in using their drains and disposals. Mindfully watch over the items you throw down the drain since they may not only clog your drains, but may seriously impede the proper operation of your sewer lines.

2. Pipe Maintenance and Repair

Piping problems should not be considered as minor issues. Disregarding a deteriorated or aged sewer pipeline will lead to large-scale plumbing emergencies. Misguided DIY confidence in diagnosing the source of the pipe problem is futile since there should be proper machineries needed to effectively determine the cause of the problem. Your best solution would be to consult a professional plumber to assess your situation and advise you on what treatment or course of action should be taken. Never wait for the problem to worsen before addressing it.

3. Remove Trees that may Infiltrate Your Sewer Pipes

Over time, sewer leaks may inevitably develop. Even if you have the top-notch materials that compose your sewer lines, increase in utility and exposure to corrosion and other damaging factors will weaken them as they age.

Old and deteriorated pipes are especially susceptible to tree root intrusions. Tree roots may aggressively breach your sewer pipelines as they naturally search underground for sources of water. Moreover, these roots ultimately survive and grow due to the traces of soil and other nourishing minerals found within the pipes.

Further, there are plant species who possess fast and aggressive root growth that can persistently infiltrate your underground plumbing. As they grow and tangle within the sewer pipes, they form root balls that can cause extensive damage to the inner lining. There are also unmanageable cases where the oppressive roots completely block the whole diameter of sewer pipes.