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Advantages and Disadvantages of Combined Sewer System

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A philanthropist once said that there will always be an equivalent disadvantage to every advantage. That being said, sewer systems, regardless of how durable and long-lasting the manufacturers say they may be, will always have advantages and disadvantages both to the environment and to the people. This is inevitable as these things are just made by man and no one is perfect enough that he could prevent these from happening.

Here are some of those advantages and disadvantages of a combined sewer system.

The combined sewers are composed of a group of pipes underground that transports the stormwater runoff, industrial wastewater and the domestic sewage through a set of the same pipes and carries them to a treatment facility. This type is usually found in urban areas where it can be accessed from various points.

The combined sewers have advantages that include convenience as there is a very little amount of intervention among the users. It has a low health risk as it provides a high level of hygiene and comfort for the users.

There is less to none nuisance from the foul smells to mosquitoes or flies infestation. They are efficient and manageable as both the stormwater and wastewater can be handled simultaneously and there are no sprouting problems on the industrial wastewater discharge. And they are cost-effective as there are a reasonable operation and maintenance expenditures.

But it can’t be helped that certain cases such as this have disadvantages like high capital costs as the initial installation of these sewers are may be a little pricey for your budget. They are also unsuitable for DIYers as this system requires an expert when it comes to installation process and treatments. This also requires an adequate treatment and disposal of the wastewater that goes into and out of the system.

Contractors may also face difficulties in construction of the system, especially in high-density areas. This may need a reliable supply of piped water to keep it running effectively and without a glitch. This system may also encounter pumping equipment problems as this equipment tends to break down and get blocked if not checked on a regular basis.

The maintenance for this system requires trained professionals as this system need a thorough and in-depth inspection to avoid problems such as diseases. Since the system needs a centralised treatment system, the maintenance costs are a little higher when compared to the decentralised systems. Thus, it is only up to you on which of the types of sewer systems you would prefer to use. You have to, however, take note of each system’s’ strengths and weaknesses so that you won’t have a hard time choosing.