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6 Signs of a Faulty Sewer Line

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There are a few tell-tale signs that your sewer line is faulty and that you have to invest in relining or replacing them altogether. Some may be nothing but minor inconveniences while others are life threateningly serious.

1. Slow Drain

This is mostly the first sign, or you can also consider this as your drainage and piping system’s way of warning you that you are having trouble with your sewer lines. If you have already snaked and cleaned your drains but this problem still exist after, you might be having a crack or leak in the sewer. It is tempting to resolve this problem in the same way we usually solve a blocked drain; by pouring an amount of chemical based cleaner down the pipe. What you probably do not know is that those cleaners will cling to the walls and can corrode away the PVC or cast iron pipe.

2. Sewer Backup and Blockage

This is not unheard of when you have a slow draining drain in your home. Usually, when a drain works slow and you have already cleaned every plumbing fixture inside your home that may have something to do with your drain’s performance but this problem still does not leave you be, your sewer lines might be the one that needs straightening out.

When all the drain mechanisms; such as your toilet flush, shower and sink drain, are not working as they should, your sewer line needs cleaning. When left unattended, this can cause into backflow. This is usually caused by root intrusion, pipe misalignment or waste build up. To be sure, check your sewer line by inserting a drain camera for live video feeds of what is happening inside.

3. Sewer Gas Odour

A sewer line should be airtight. There should only be one air entry point and that is the vent leading to your roof that makes the waste movement downhill easier. When you start to smell a foul odour coming from you sewer system, this is a tell-tale sign that your sewer pipe has a leak. The sooner this gets fixed, the better.

4. Soil Dissipation

If your sewer pipe is buried in your lawn, it is fairly easy to spot a broken, leaking or cracked pipe without the aid of remotely controlled drain cameras. Watch for displaced or hollowed patches on the ground that was not there before. When a pipe that is buried cracks or breaks, the soil above it dips and creates a hollow space in the yard that is quite easy to notice as the crack becomes bigger with neglect.

5. Insect Infestation

Insects and bugs can locate the tiniest cracks and leaks in your piping system and can create their nest inside the pipe. As this progress, the health of everyone in the house can be compromised. There are various diseases and allergens found in insect saliva and faeces that can cause temporary and permanent damage to human health, especially to kids. Hiring a pest exterminator will fix this problem. If they keep coming back to your sewer lines, you might have to locate their entry point and seal that as well.

6. Rodent Problems

Rodents, just like insects, can infest and damage your sewer lines. Rats, when they find a crack in your pipes will certainly invite themselves in and create unbelievable damage not just to the pipe but also to your health. Rat faeces and other wastes coming from them can cause sickness and haemorrhagic fever that when left untreated, or when it is too advanced for doctors to stop, can result in death.