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As homeowners, you want what is best for your home and experiencing foul smells, bubbling sounds and backflow of wastewater when using your bathroom and toilet becomes a cause for alarm. These signs all point to a huge problem – broken or damaged sewage pipes.

Upon noticing these signs, calling professionals for help is a priority. For years, the only solution to resolving sewage problems was to replace the pipes which is a rather extensive and expensive method. Thankfully, sewage pipes can now be repaired through a fast and affordable process referred to as pipe relining.

How is pipe relining different?

Thirty years ago, a technology was developed to make pipe repair easier and more convenient – pipe relining. It involves fitting a liner into a bigger, broken pipe. This trenchless method can be used for pipes from 40mm to 600mm in length.

What steps are involved in pipe relining?

As professionals, we make sure that we follow a method for pipe relining that will adhere to industry standards. These are the steps that we take in relining sewage pipes:

    1. The pipes will be partially cleaned using a high pressure water jetter to remove sludge in the pipes.
    2. The next thing we do is conduct a video inspection to assess the pipe damage. As the owner of the property, we also make sure that you watch as we conduct the video inspection as we explain where the problem areas are, as well as the severity of them. It will help you better decide whether to opt for for pipe relining or not.
    3. If it is confirmed that the damage can indeed be fixed through pipe relining, thorough sewage pipe cleaning is done before a pipe liner, made of cloth tube or fibreglass tube is inserted.
    4. The pipe liner will be expanded with the use of an inflating device so that the epoxy coating attaches the old damaged pipe to the new one.
    5. The resin will be given some time to cure so it can bond securely to the old pipe. Steam is used to aid the curing process.
    6. Once the resin has set, another video inspection is carried out to ensure that it has settled properly and any issues have been effectively resolved.

What benefits should I look forward to from pipe relining?

Time and cost-efficiency. Pipe relining is a method that involves very minimal or no excavation and replacement, so it saves you time and money you could use for something else.

Durability of pipe lining. The fibreglass and cloth liner we use for pipe relining is very durable. It is expected to last for more than fifty years. We also give our clients the same length of warranty.

Less hassle for homeowners. As pipe relining veers away from traditional methods that involve excavation, you can expect minimal disruption to your property. The process takes just a few hours as well.

Do you have any sewage problems that you wish to address? Give us a call at 0421 142 151 and we will be glad to help you identify the issue and provide the best solution for it.

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