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Does Water Heater Cause Your Lights to Flicker?

You got a new Water heater which is working perfectly good but then you realise the lights in your house started to flickerbadly ?well, read below why does it flicker and what are the solutions for it .

Q1- Why does you lights flicker when your water heater is switched on ?

A – First probable reason is that – Overloaded circuit , the circuit might be over loaded when switched on as the heater takes in huge amounts of electricity from the circuit to engage the fan . So any light connected with the circuit might flickertemporarily as it’s not getting enough amount of energy to shine. But constant light flickering also means that the circuit is approaching an overload which may lead to a trip from the excessive amount of energy / electricity needed.

Second possible reason is that – Arcing. All the wires in the circuit should be encapsulated. A small crack in the wire also leads to a major problem . If any two naked wire touch each other it might cause a trip and as well as it might also lead to an fire in the house .

Well these might be the possible explanation why your light might be flickering, below we have solutions on how to resolve it but DID YOU KNOW water minerals react with steal and starts corroding the hot steal plate and well as your water heaters which has no repair and in this case your heater might use up too much of energy which makes your light flicker, so the only option left – BUY A NEW ONE [ do notworry this does not happen in a new heater , after few years of buying *phew* ]

Q2- What are the Solutions? How can I fix this problem?

A – You can fix this problem for free without spending any money on it but if the problem still persists you would have to shell out at least 30$ on the problem L.

Upgrade your Circuit – First check whether all electrical appliances are working properly. Second call in your electrician and ask him to check whether the circuit is properly fixed and can take up loads of energy , if not your electrician has to remodel the circuit so that all the appliances get their specific amount of electricity they require.

Seal all the wires – If any wire is cracked or naked , make sure you switch of the main power , wait for few minutes . After that check your heaters wire if any cracks or a naked wire is found . If yes seal it up or else you must be good to go J.

Temporary fix – Switch off all the unnecessaryappliances when the heater is working for example the TV and the fan or AC -– these take up huge amount of electricity -– switch them off and try to run the water heater.

By these above methods we hope that it would have solved your problems regarding the fluctuation of lights. If the problem still persists insist you to look on the next solution.

Use a professional help – By calling in an electrician he might help your sort things. Make sure you have checked all the things mentioned above and if it’s still not working call the electrician but be ready to pay from 30$ till 200$ , yes few technicians or electricians take upto 200$ for fixing it.