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All About Water Heater Savings Tips

With the rising energy bills, it is important to utilize your water heater efficiently. A few water heater savings tips are given here to help you do so.


Firstly, you need to keep the temperature at a reasonable level. Do not make it too high. In addition to saving energy, this will also help to avoid scalding. You need to keep your water heater properly insulated. In order to do this, read your manufacturer’s manual properly. Even the pipes carrying hot water should be insulated properly.


While installing your water heater, keep it as close to the usage area as possible. This will help you to have shorter water pipes. In addition, lesser travel time for hot water would mean reduced loss of hot water. This is another way for you to conserve energy. You may even opt for solar water heating as that is the best way ti make use of renewable energy.


You need to keep your water heater system well maintained. This means getting the water tank cleaned on a regular basis. Keep it clear of sediments of all kinds. Check the various pipes and connections for signs of rust, corrosion, wear or any other kind of damage. Replace if necessary at the earliest.


In case you have an electric water heater, make sure that you have a timer installed. This would even turn it off in case you are not using your electric water heater on a regular basis. Do not buy a big water heater just for the heck of it. Do note that a big heater means more water translating into higher power use. So buy the right size of water heater depending on your household usage.

Make use of all these water heater savings tips and see how your energy bills will begin to fall dramatically.