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10 Essential Components of a Solar Hot Water System

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Solar hot water systems are widely used these days due to the benefits they bring. They are cost-effective, environment-friendly, highly-effective and energy saving systems. As an owner of a water heater unit, it is a must for you to know what your unit is made of. This is for you to know the functions of each component. Here’s a list of the essential components of a solar hot water system.

  1. Solar Collector

This component is the one responsible for gathering the heat emitted by the sun. Since this system is powered by the solar energy, then it is important to collect a large amount of heat and convert them into an energy which is used to heat the water. This is the part of the water heater that is installed on the roof where it can easily collect heat energy from the sun.

  1. Heat Exchanger

This part is connected directly through a loop leading to the solar collector. This is basically located inside the water heater tank and the one responsible for the heating process by converting the gathered energy from the sun which will we used in the heating process. A house that has a hot water tank and is located in an area with a cold climate usually comes with an anti-freeze to avoid the water from freezing.

  1. Hot Water Storage Tank

This component of the system is the one that stores the heated water which is ready to be used. The storage tank is supplied with cold water which will be heated by them to produce hot water and then provides the needs of the family. A storage tank comes in different sizes where each size can handle a specific amount of water.

  1. Temperature Sensors

This is the one that keeps in touch with the solar controller module. it is responsible for monitoring the temperature of the water tank including the solar collector to make sure that the heating process will be done depending on the existing temperature level.

  1. Solar Controller Module

This part is the one that controls the water circulation between the solar connectors and the hot water tank. If there is enough temperature to heat the water then the circulation will be permitted. It assures that the system heats the water. If the temperature is not enough to heat the water then the water will be cooled instead of being heated.

  1. Circular Pump

A circular pump is responsible for transporting the water from the storage tank to the solar connector. However, this component is controlled by the solar controller module. The circulation will not take place if the temperature is not enough for the heating process to be done.

  1. Expansion Tank

If the water temperature increases in the hot water system, then the pressure too will increase. This part is responsible for absorbing the pressure inside the hot water system and ensures the security of the system to avoid explosions.

  1. Air Vent Valve

Air vent valve is the one responsible for protecting the pipe from being air bound. This part also eliminates the unnecessary amount of air which is present in the circulation loop.

  1. Temperature and Pressure Relief Valve

This is placed in every hot water system safety purposes. It releases the pressure in the tank to avoid explosions. Once this valve performs its task real quick then your home is at a great risk.

  1. Tempering Valve or Mixing Valve

This component is the one that combines the cold water to the outgoing hot water. It is the one that ensures the safety of your plumbing system at home. One the hot water is combined with the cold water, your pipes might get burned which will also include you sinks, showers and bathtubs.