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Types of Kitchen Faucet


Before purchasing kitchen faucets, it is best to know their different types first. Each type of kitchen tap functions differently. Knowing these different types of kitchen faucets will help you in choosing which type of faucet will be more convenient and would suffice your needs. It would also help you determine on which type of kitchen faucet best fits the style of your kitchen sink. The following are the different types of kitchen faucets.

  • Pull Down Kitchen Faucet
    • A type of kitchen faucet where the spray wand can be pulled down into the sink. This is functional especially when washing stuff far from the sink.

  • Pull Out Kitchen Faucet
    • This type is quite similar to pull down kitchen faucet. The only difference is the direction of the spray when pulled. The spray is pulled out straight to you in pull out kitchen faucet. Kitchen faucets with pull out spray are best to use especially in filling large pots.

  • Kitchen faucets with Side Spray
    • This type of kitchen faucet consists of a single lever control and a low spout. This is less expensive compared to the pull out and pull down kitchen faucet.

  • Single Handle Kitchen Faucet
    • This is made with a single lever used to control the flow of the water as well as the water temperature. This type of kitchen faucet also comes with a low spout.

  • Two handle Kitchen Faucet with Center set
    • Just like the single handle kitchen faucet, this type also has water flow and temperature adjustment with separate controls in hot and cold. This type has a quarter turn ceramic disc cartridges which is used to control the flow of the water.

  • Widespread Kitchen Faucets with Two Handles
    • This is similar to a two handle kitchen faucet. The difference is the handles are widespread where handles are separated from each other. It has separate handle controls used to operate hot and cold water.

  • Two Handle Kitchen Faucet with Single Hole
    • Two handle kitchen faucet has the same functions to widespread and center set. It also have handles which controls the temperature and flow of the water. The only difference with two handle is the handles are not separated from each other. But instead, the handles are attached to the spout of the faucet.

  • Wall Mount Kitchen Faucet
    • This type has the same functions with centerset, widespread and two handle. It only differs unto where it is positioned. From the name itself :wall mount”, this type of kitchen faucet is attached to the wall. One advantage of using this type of faucet is, it is easier to clean your counter top.

  • Kitchen Pot Filler Faucet
    • This type is fundamentally designed for home chefs. Kitchen pot filler faucet is mounted on the wall.

  • Kitchen Faucets with Cold Water Dispenser
    • This is designed to be positioned in an area where food preparation takes place. It is located in the kitchen island where you cut vegetables. It is placed near you for an easier way to wash your goods.

  • Kitchen Faucets with Hot Water Dispenser
    • By having this type of faucet in your sink, there is no need for you to boil water. You get instant water just by merely placing your cup underneath and hot water comes out once you pull out the lever.

  • Kitchen Faucets with Water Filters
    • From the name itself filter, this type filters the water coming out through your kitchen faucet. This is installed underneath your kitchen sink.

  • Two Handle Basin Tap Kitchen Faucet
    • This tap has separate handles for hot and cold water.

  • Commercial Kitchen Faucets with Pro Style
    • This is an oversized version of a pull down kitchen faucet. Commercial kitchen faucet has a high gooseneck spout.  It consists of a multi-spray head and a long hose.