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5 Ways in Keeping your Pipes from Freezing

Plumber Mascot Keeping your pipes from frozen

Winter season is when pipes freezes due to cold weather. This usually happens when there are no precautionary measures done. People located in regions where there is cold climate experiences this.When winter season is about to come, people in these regions must take preventive actions to minimize damages and avoid costly repairs. In addition to this, there are ways in preventing frozen pipes. Here are the following tips that can help you in preventing your pipes from being frozen during winter weather.

  • Turn on the thermostat
  • A thermostat is a device used to control the heating system according to your desired temperature. You may be worried on the high cost heating bill that you will be paying. But, you must think about the damages that will happen when you don’t turn up your thermostat. You will be paying much on your water bill and have costly repair on the damaged pipes. Winter is about to come so now is not the time to be worried about costly heating bills.

  • Open Closet and Cabinet Doors
  • It is not unusual for pipes to be positioned behind walls such as in the kitchen sinks and doors. A simple way to keep pipes from freezing is through opening your closet and cabinet doors. By this method, the warm air controlled by the thermostat can circulate into walls behind these doors.

  • Insulate Pipes
  • Insulate both hot and cold water pipes located in your basements, attics and tunnels with snap-on foam insulation. Make sure to fit the foam insulation tightly in your pipes without gaps.Make certain that the joints in pipes are completely covered. You may also insulate the unheated areas and walls found outside your home.

  • Close and disconnect
  • Close all your windows located near the water pipes. Garage doors must also be closed during extreme cold weather.This is to avoid cold air from coming inside your home and garage. Drain and disconnect your garden hoses. This is to prevent water in pipes from freezing and expanding that leads to a severe rupture.

  • Open Faucets
  • Leave your faucets slightly open that can at least have trickles. Through this, it can keep the water running which minimizes the freezing of the water in pipes.