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5 Mistakes You Might Be Doing with Your Plumbing System

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A plumbing system is a collection of different units and items working together as one to give you comfort and provide ease of living. Now, when one plumbing fixture malfunctions, your whole system, not to mention your routine in getting ready, will be thrown off balance. So, in efforts to avoid such disaster, you have conjured countless measures to make sure that your plumbing system would work properly. Sad to say, some of those measures are not exactly healthy for your plumbing system. Here are some practices you have been doing wrong to your plumbing system.

  1. Neglect

The primary factor leading to plumbing disasters and damage is neglect on the part of the homeowner. There are countless problems that an uncared for plumbing system can experience and guess who pays for all the expenses. Yes, you. You do not have to turn your plumbing system inside out every other weekend just to check for problems. You just have to pay attention to small details and other tell-tale signs that become more and more evident as the problem becomes worse. For instance, when you have a blocked drain today, last week it probably was nothing but a slow working drain. Make it a habit of observing how the fixtures should work and try to evaluate the system for defects when the ease of function become altered.

  1. Chemical-based cleaners

Chemical cleaners are good means of clearing the drain and pipe of buildup and grime but sometimes, these chemicals do more harm than good to your plumbing system. When you use too much or use it too often this will be the prime factor that could lead to corrosion and damage to the pipe no matter how sturdy the metal it is made of is supposed to be. Over time, the pipe would crack and eventually break in two. To clean the pipelines and drains minus the damage, you can always opt for a home remedy and cleaning products such as boiling water for oil and grime, baking soda and vinegar for build-ups and squeezed lemon for odour elimination.

  1. DIY

Every homeowner wants to find a cheaper alternative to hiring professional plumbers when something goes wrong with their plumbing system. What you get is the attempt at fixing the problem by yourselves. A do-it-yourself method can sometimes do the trick but most times, you just end up making the problem bigger and damaging more fixtures in the process. Tinkering with the plumbing with not enough knowledge will only worsen the situation you are already in.

  1. Abusive usage of plumbing fixtures

Do not treat your sink drain as if it is a garbage bin. This is the common mistake of most homeowners. Flushing all kinds of waste down the kitchen sink even when you have the garbage disposal on is never a good idea. There are items that even with sharp blades, you cannot dispose of properly. Maybe because some of these items cannot be cut into pieces or if they can be, they would attach themselves to the walls of your plumbing pipes. Assign bins for the different types of waste so you will not have various blockage problems in the future.

  1. Routine inspection

Weekend maintenance is advised to make a plumbing system function properly. When you pay enough attention to your fixtures, you will be able to tell when they are sound and when they are dysfunctional. One advantage of routine checks is that you will be able to detect the minor inconveniences before they become a full-blown disaster. For better feedbacks and results, have a plumber perform a system check on your pipelines and other plumbing fixtures to make sure that there are no impending disasters just waiting to happen.