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5 Common Causes of Burst Water Pipes


Burst water pipes indeed bring a troublesome problem to most homeowners. Gallons of water could be wasted in a day once it is not repaired immediately. Wasted water could lead to costly water bills which we don’t want that to happen. You should probably know the causes of this problem before you run out of time. You are currently reading the article that could possibly answer the question in your mind unto what could probably be the reasons to why your pipes burst. Well, listed below are 5 typical causes

High Water Pressure

A block in your water pipe can lead to bursting of pipes as the water pressure rises. You probably must check your pipes regularly for blockage. Once your pipes are clogged, there is a possibility that the pipes can no longer handle the water pressure that is gathered unceasingly.  By this means, the pipes could possibly expand and burst in no time.

Frozen Pipes

This normally happens during the winter season. If the pipes are not insulated before this period, it might be frozen over time. The water that got stuck in the pipe during winter season has a higher chance of getting frozen. We know that water expands when it freezes. But since the frozen water is inside the pipe which has a limited space, there is a tendency that when the water expands, the pipe will obviously burst. To avoid this, home owners must pay attention to the weather forecasts and take some preventive actions before they run out of time.


Old pipes are one of the common causes of burst pipes. When the pipe gets old, there is a high probability that the pipe will be corroded. Once pipe rusts, water flowing in it would burst sooner. It is best to check your pipes regularly or annually. Try to locate for corroded pipes. Once you find one, replace it with a new one immediately. You can do it by yourself or if you can’t handle it all by yourself, you can call for help from a professional plumber.

Collapsed Pipe

This usually happens due to environmental changes. When the soil gets heavy over time, most especially when there is an on going construction close to your house, there is a possibility that the pipes can no longer take the load since it’s getting heavier. With this, the pipes might be damaged and can lead to a destructive rupture in your yards.

Tree Roots

This is apparently one of the main reasons unto why pipes burst. You’d be one lucky home owner when you haven’t encountered this problem yet. Tree roots grow and expand to any direction they want. Just like a child that grows old, we can’t control the tree to where it should extend its roots. Roots normally go to the direction where there is a source of water. Since the pipes are where the water flows, it attracts the roots to come near it. When this happens, roots wrap around the pipe’s weakest spot which then makes the pipe burst.