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5 Accustomed Odour Inconveniences and Their Subsequent Treatments

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When you open your taps or showers and what surprises you is the unpleasant smell lingering in our water, that could be a sign of an initiating obscurity. You should not ignore this situation nor continue drinking the water. Sometimes, homeowners investigate this problem and find out that the main reason is contaminants. Drinking this might cause health worries to you and to your family.

Here, we will discuss the causes of putrid water and ways to prevent it.

  1. Gasoline and oil smell

Upon turning your taps on and the smell is having a gasoline or oil aroma, that is the primary sign of oil or gasoline leaks happening nearby and has seeped into your water pipes. Sometimes, this can be caused by leaky storage tank, improper disposal of gasoline and oil wastes and dumping. The water should not be utilised for drinking as it is dangerous to your family’s health. You can utilise bottled water until the problem is resolved.

In fixing this dilemma, the very first step is to locate the leak and the root of the problem. You can use an activated carbon to get rid of the contaminants. This will absorb the water contaminants but just for a short time depending on the amount of hydrocarbon in the water. The permanent treatment is with the use of a carbon media which is to be done by professionals only.


  1. Methane smell

Your water’s methane smell is usually caused by a housing construction located at an ancient city dump’s top where decayed organics have seeped and entered into the aquifer and contaminated the water. When this happens, water is not to be used until treatment is completed. This is treated with the help of an open ventilation supplier for the gas that averts the explosion. This utilises an open aeration system to make the treatment possible.


  1. Fishy, earthy or woody smell

These odours can be caused by many factors. This may either be harmless organic substances residing in water courses or chloramines might be present in the water that causes the unpleasant odour. Chloramines are composed of chlorine and ammonia commonly used as water treatment. This disinfects the water of a respective household. To treat these, activated carbon can be used as well. Aside from that disinfectant, there are still various treatments you can use. You will definitely need a professional advice in this situation to ensure that none of these odour-causing substances will be left.


  1. Detergent odour and foamy water

When your water smells like detergent and is quite foamy, sometimes it might be caused by detergents that are accidentally thrown into your water supply. Sometimes it can be caused by the seeping on your septic system. This is a great threat to your health, that is why your water shouldn’t be used for drinking until the problem is solved. This can be treated by chlorination or by the use of activated carbon.


  1. Bleach smell

Bleach smell can either be caused by chlorination or a neighbouring disinfectant public water source. This can cause health complications as well and are not advisable for drinking. This can cause high chlorine level than drinking several glasses of chlorine. This can be treated by activated carbon fillers and are to be used in the entire house for a guaranteed restoration.