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4 Troublesome Pipe Issues

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The plumbing system plays an integral role in our everyday lives but due to its significant utility, it can be vulnerable to many troublesome issues that impede its optimum functionality. Piping issues are one of the most stress-inducing ills of your system. You may have to rely on professional plumbers if they are complicated ones that require expertise. Misguided DIY confidence may just worsen the problem. Here are several piping problems that are very common:

1. Leaky Pipes

Leaky pipes are a common plumbing problem that can be caused by several reasons. It usually follows faulty piping installation. Improper execution coupled with low-quality materials can dramatically trigger water leaks. If not addressed immediately, this can cause you a hefty water bill and endangered structural integrity. Dripping pipes allow pest infestation, corrode metals, rot wooden constructions, damage water heaters, and flood your basement.

2. Blocked Pipes

Clogged drains which often upset homeowners are nothing but serious. Drains that are choked can risk the optimum operation of your pipelines. It cause slow drainage of water down the sink or floor drain, and even not to drain at all and throw off your water pressure

Bathroom drains are most often clogged due to indiscriminate flushing. Assorted objects like sanitary wear, wipes, and hair should not be flushed down the drains. Disposing grease substances and food scraps in the garbage disposal should also be avoided.

Aside from the grease and debris accumulation, pipes can also be messed up by nature. Tree roots which naturally seek moisture may infiltrate your underground pipes forming colossal root balls within. Other vegetation like moss can also grow inside the pipes which can limit the operation of your piping system.

3. Corroded Pipes

Corrosion has always been one of your plumbing system’s kryptonite. Iron, Copper, or Lead pipes are more susceptible to corrosion over time. Moreover, pipes that are 40 years older tend to reach their breaking point and cause impending problems.

Exterior pipe corrosion due to pipes being exposed in a corrosive soil is the primary cause of leaking pipes. Meanwhile, reeking, and non-potable water are brought by interior pipe corrosion. Ironically, water can corrode your water pipes if it is acidic enough, having a pH level below 8. Calcium deposits can also build up within your pipes and reduce flow capacity.

4. Burst Pipes

The cold spell may cause notorious burst pipes in your plumbing system. Pipes leak and rupture due to the low temperature that drives the water pressure higher. Proactive measures that can fend off burst pipes should be observed. Proper pipe insulation and letting the taps to dribble are one of the simplest ways to avoid such winter headaches.
Burst pipes are cumbersome problems that should be addressed immediately. This might cost you a hefty amount not only for the significant repair and replacements but also for the reinforcement of the structures affected by water damage.