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2016 Bathroom Trends You Should Consider

bathroom trendsDo you plan on remodelling your bathroom this 2016? If yes, then you might want to consider hopping into these chic bathroom trends. These fads are purely for aesthetic appeal, and you should always prioritise the functionality of your bathroom. It’s also recommended that you have a hefty budget when applying these fixtures to your bathroom since most of these are quite costly.

Technologically Advanced Showers

Showerheads are the early basic models and as time past, handhelds showers were introduced together with various versions. New showers are far more innovative with features like water-saving technology and many more. This 2016, showers have become more advanced as bluetooth enabled showers and even music-playing showerheads models are becoming a new craze. Obviously, these showerheads are more expensive than its traditional counterparts so expand your budget if you plan on adding these high-tech showers in your lavatory.

Square-Shaped or Angular-Shaped Fixtures

If you don’t want to spend money on high-tech showers but still want to keep up with the trends this year then you can go for a far more affordable alternative like square-shaped or angular-shaped showerheads. This doesn’t just apply to showerheads as these shapes are popularised and applied in other bathroom fixtures as well like faucets, bathtubs, powder rooms, and many more.

Trough Sink

You don’t have to be confused on what a trough sink is as it’s basically some sort of ‘double sink’. Its structure is an elongated sink that allows two people to use it simultaneously. This particular model was already popular back in the 1980’s and has resurfaced in this year’s trends.

Water-Saving Bathroom Fixtures

A lot of people are trying to lessen their expenses by limiting their usage of utilities like electricity and water. Although this is practical, there are ways where you can save on expenses without compromising the usage of essential utilities. One of the bathroom trends in 2016 is using water efficient fixtures as it helps reduce water used in the bathroom–and cuts down rate of the bills.

Colour Choices

The fixtures aren’t the only things you need to focus since the colours used in your bathroom are also important. Gray has been popular for the past few years and it still is this 2016. It can be complemented with turquoise colours.

White has always been the standard colour for most bathrooms since it can blend with any motifs like traditional, modern, contemporary, etc. If you’re tired with white then you can opt for a more trendy combination which is mixing both white and black colours in the bathroom.

Another trendy colour combination is lavender, mauve, and lilac, which are just basically different shades and tones of the base colour purple. A lot of homeowners are applying these colours for a more refreshing look.

In-Floor Heating

A new solution for anyone who is tired of stepping on cold bathroom floors is using an in-floor heating system. Although it’s used in other rooms it serves a great purpose in the bathroom as it doesn’t just warm the floor, it also prevents moisture buildup–which causes moulds.