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Tips On How To Maintain Drain Clog Free

Blocked drains are probably the most common plumbing problem, but unfortunately most people only realize the problem when the drain stops working. A clogged drain is a hassle and if, not cleared immediately, can pose health risks for your family. However, it’s possible to avoid the hassle if you pay attention to exactly what goes down the drain. In fact, with some little care, you can prevent leaks, avoid costly repairs and prolong the life of your pipes.


4 Easy tips for preventing clogging of drains


1. Avoid pouring food particles into kitchen drains

The most common cause of blocked kitchen drainage is trapped food particles such as potato peelings, fruit peels and pastas or even build-up of fats. These chunks gather in the pipes, causing a clogged mess that can back up into sinks and toilets. So before doing dishes, always scrape all food leftovers, even if there’s a garbage disposal.


2. Use drain screens

Another tip on how to maintain drain clog free is to use drain screens. These are available in a variety of sizes to fit it into different drains such as kitchen & bathroom sink drains and those in bathtubs or showers. If you use these screens and clean them regularly, you’ll be able to minimize the chances of your drain becoming clogged.


3.Don’t pour chemicals down drains

There are many different chemicals out there that are marketed as drain cleaners , and while they may unclog pipes , most of them can rot or erode your pipes with time .Instead , mix baking soda with hot water then pour the solution down your drain . These two form a quick foaming action that’s enough to break down clogs and allow free flow of water.


4. Clean the stoppers regularly

Most people think that using stoppers in all their kitchen and bathroom sinks is sufficient to prevent clogging of drains. While these devices prevent pieces of food or hair getting down your pipes, these particles end up settling at the bottom of the stoppers. And if you fail to clean the sink stoppers, you’ll be gathering the pieces into a big collection which when washed down will cause your pipes to be blocked.