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4 Common Reasons Why Your Shower Drains Are Clogged

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The reason why we take a shower is to refresh our body while washing the day’s dirt out of our body at the same time. However, the amount of dirt and dust you may have accumulated from walking around the dusty streets could not be the sole reason of why your shower drain is suddenly clogged. To help you feel better about this matter, here are four of the common reasons of why your shower drains are clogged from time to time.

1. There is a build-up of shampoo and soap residues.

You have probably noticed this a few times that after you have lathered your hair and body with shampoo and soap, there are residues that go toward your drain. These residues will not be dissolved by the water you used for washing your body and hair. Once these residues build up, the drain in your shower room will suffer the consequences. This is because these residues will not easily go down the drain and out to your sewers. They will stick to the sides of your drains and stops the other substances to drain, too.

2. Your house is supplied with hard water.

Hard water is sometimes the reason why your shower drain is clogged at some point as this builds up scales that can hinder the shower drain from seeping the liquid stuff in. These scales are formed due to the two prominent minerals found in hard water. Although these minerals are known as health-safe, they are not so much as friendly to appliances and fixtures.

3. There are strands of hair that are tangled in there.

A single strand of hair cannot cause so much trouble, however, a handful of hair strands is contrary to that notion. This will become worse if these strands of hair catch on other objects such as the sachet of shampoo you forgot to throw into the rubbish bin or the toothpaste cap you left lying down the floor. If you neglect to pick those items up, then you will subsequently experience water pooling in your bathroom floors.

4. Small objects are probably blocking the drains.

There are a lot of small objects that you might have missed that have gone down the drain. If they get stuck somewhere in the drain lines, then those items are probably the ones that are causing the clog in your shower drain. Never underestimate these small objects as they can cause a very big problem to your drainage systems. Be sure that when you clean your bathroom up, you have looked through every corner of the area. After all, prevention is still better than cure.

Now that you are aware of the reasons why you get clogged shower drains, you might want to downplay your lack of concern of your bathroom cleaning assignment. A regular clean-up routine is for your own good, so you might as well do it diligently.