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3 Common Causes for Drain Blockage

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May it be a relaxing day or a hectic one where you are trying to rush to work, having problems with the drain can really cause inconvenience and can be rather frustrating. Imagine finally having the day off and you decide to soak in the tub. After a few moments, you rinse off and drain away the contents of the tub but you do not fully accomplish the task since the drain is blocked. In another situation, you are rushing through your morning rituals and fall short of time when you have to weed off blockage from your shower drain since you can’t really leave the bathroom looking like an indoor pool. There are countless circumstance that an unkempt bathroom can cause you trouble and inconvenience. So, how exactly do you prevent a blocked drain from happening? Here are 4 easy tips to point you in the right direction:

  1. Watch out for hair huddles.

This is typically the most common reason when dealing with a shower drain blockage. Fallen hair can and will bunch up together when they reach a common place. Little by little this hurdle will grow and accumulate creating a rather secure net in your drain preventing the soapy bubbles from passing through which will, in turn, block the water. As a result, you now have an indoor pool of rather dirty water. This is, unfortunately, unavoidable. All you can do is watch out for hair build-ups and remove them when you can. Also, removing the hair build-up that is on top of your drain is not a guarantee that you also remove the ones that are already down the drain and attaching themselves to the walls of the pipe.

  1. Hard water.

Hard water contains sediments and minerals such as calcium and magnesium. These minerals are tricky and can stick to the walls of the pipes and drains. They are also very hard to remove since they have the tendency to harden when they are left uncleaned for a long time. Mineral build-ups in the walls of a pipe will slow down the flow of waste water and will encourage build-up. Hard water is not only responsible for build-ups, they also make your hair rough and your clothes dull.

  1. Soap and shampoo bubbles.

Although soap and shampoo bubbles do not fully block the passage of waste water, these can and will lessen the passageways. When they stick to the walls of the pipe down the floor drain, they lessen the diameter of the pathway of water. As a result, water drains slowly and cannot catch up with the rate of how fast water is accumulated on the bathroom floor creating a pool of slow draining dirty water. When ignored, the build-up caused by soap and shampoo scum will thicken and can someday completely block the pipeline.

If you are using chemical-based cleaning products for you drains and pipelines, let me just say that you are in for a tonne of different pipe problems because of this misleading practice. What you probably do not know is that these products can cause more harm to your pipes than good. Chemical products slowly eat at your pipes as they encourage faster build-up of corrosion. When the buried pipe collapses, you can bet that you will be swamped with troubles and anomalies as your other plumbing devices gradually breakdown.